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PurNet strives to find innovative solutions to the challenges that are currently facing ambulatory surgery centers and surgical hospitals.

PurNet has over 150 members across the United States and provides services to ambulatory surgery centers, surgical hospitals, and multi-specialy clinics. Learn how PurNet, Inc. can help your company.

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PurNet offers two programs and each program can be tailored to the needs of the center to accommodate additional services if requested. If interested in learning more about PurNet’s programs, please click here.

PurNet will be attending the upcoming conventions during the calendar year of 2015.  We would love to have you stop and visit us at our booth.

  • MNASCS - Minnesota Ambulatory Surgery Center Association Convention held April 16th thru 17th in Bloomington, MN.


  • ACMS/ASMH - Mohs and Dermatologic Surgery Convention held April 30th thru May 2nd in San Antonio, TX.                          

  • ASCA - Ambulatory Surgery Center Association Convention held May 13th thru 15th in Orlando, FL.     


  • ASDA - American Society for Dermatology Surgery Convention held October 15th thru 17th in Chicago, IL.


PurNet supports the Pink Ribbon Riders "Riding in honor & memory of those we love." Visit their website at: Pink Ribbon Riders
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