PurNet wants to ensure, prior to signing any contract, that your center will benefit from partnering with us. That is why we offer a FREE virtual cost analysis to every center. It is called a virtual cost analysis because we take the prices that centers are currently paying and compare that to what PurNet members pay for the same product.


NO ESTIMATION, SAME PRODUCTS, NO SUBSTITUTIONS. We want to make sure that before you pay for any of our services that you can save under the ‘PurNet way.’


If your center is interested in having a free virtual cost analysis performed, please contact Ryan Nelsen, National Director of Sales, at 307.851.5694 or email Ryan.




PurNet’s team specializes in understanding GPO contracts and the contract connection process. Our staff audits and analyzes our members purchases to make sure that contracts are connected correctly and getting charged accurate prices. Because of this expertise, PurNet members have a 95% contract compliance with their GPO versus the industry’s average of 42%. No matter which program a new member enrolls in, PurNet will annually audit the member’s purchase order history on med. surg. products and will identify any price discrepancies on behalf of our members.



Our team specializes in continually trying to find ways to enhance the procurement process. PurNet’s materials management department will monitor the procurement process to ensure that our members receive the products they need, when they need them, and invoiced at the correct prices.


The following is a list of some of the services that our materials management department performs on behalf of our members:

    • Web Based Ordering Software
    • Barcoded Product Ordering
    • Reviewing Purchase Orders
    • Submitting Purchase Orders
    • Purchase Order Confirmations
    • Price Audits
    • Dispute Price Discrepancy
    • Weekly Back Order Reports
    • Product Substitution Suggestions
    • Arrange Product Trials
    • Equipment Planning
    • Inventory Management
    • Product And Price Updates
    • Product Standarization
    • Storeroom Set-Up


PurNet also reviews each member’s product lines and makes recommendation based on contract compliance. This has resulted in an average savings of $6,000 on contract conversion products per member.


We will also update any product information in our member’s current software so that they can continue to have accurate reporting capabilities and maintain product standarization. We work in conjunction with various material management systems such as: Advantix, IOS, Vision, NexGen, and so much more.



PurNet provides assistance to surgical hospitals that must comply with the federal EMR regulations by performing an EMR Database Cleansing.


The database cleansing takes the existing inventory module and updates the product content, deletes obsolete or duplicate products, and adds any missing product information. Once the database cleansing is completed, we will convert the updated and accurate inventory module into a system load template that the center can easily upload into their new EMR system.


In addition, PurNet can also perform a contract audit to identify product eligible for GPO pricing through contract connections. By performing this audit we can alert the center on any products that are not connected to the GPO contract and are therefore not receiving contract pricing on its supplies. Since PurNet works from a variety of GPOs, we can also help your center in identifying the best GPO with the greatest savings potential for your center.


If you would like to learn more about PurNet’s EMR Database Cleansing service, please feel free to contact either Darlene Vortherms or Rebekah Eide at 1.800.201.9869.